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This personalized training method takes your game to its peak performance potential.

Common Sense vs. Golf Sense

Golfology is based upon the proposition that common sense and golf sense don’t mix! In other words, “how it feels is not always how it is”. This unique system of learning combines your innate common sense abilities and molds it into your golf sense. This proven combination is guaranteed to make your swing changes more immediate and longer lasting.  By identify the golfer’s learning style you will experience a game improvement plan that you actually can understand and apply.

Method of Transformation

The method employed by Greg is based up his 40+ years of experience playing and teaching the game to thousands of students from PGA Touring Professionals to beginners. This method is an easy to apply seven step process of golf game transformation:

  • Understanding Proprioception*
  • Exposure Of Old Habits (Effect)
  • Identifying The Swing Flaw
  • Fixing The Swing Flaw (Cause)
  • Enlighten Common Sense
  • Infuse Golf-Sense
  • Transmute Common Sense into Golf Sense For Motor-Memory and Positive- Proprioception How it is and how it feels are two completely different things!

Scientific Philosophy

GOLFOLOGY (the book) by Greg Ortman, PhD, is the scientific philosophy behind this innovative golf learning method. Molding common sense into golf sense is the key to playing better golf! Golfology uses a series of seven controls essential to all levels of golfers. The Seven Controls are:

  • Setup = Constant Spine Angle
  • Circle Path = Path of Hands & Club
  • Constant Wrist “L” Position = Grip
  • Coil/Uncoil = Windup + Linkage
  • Timing = Linkage + Merging
  • Tempo = Balance + Rhythm
  • Aim = Alignment + Ball Position


Professional Golf Instruction From


1993 Tri-State PGA Teacher of the Year
40 years of Award-winning Golf Instruction
8-time Nominee Golf Magazine Top 100 Teachers in America

Private Lesson Menu
Designed for an individual or a couple
One Hour Private Lesson
(Indoor or Outdoor, Video Included) $75

45 Minute Private Lesson
(Indoor or Outdoor, Video Included) $55

Half-Hour Private Lesson
(Indoor or Outdoor)  $40

Buy 5 Hour Lessons – Get one free!
6 lessons only $350

50/50 Special
  1 lesson and 1 supervised practice per week only $50

10 Lesson Series (10, 45 minute lessons)
10 lessons only $450

Playing Lesson
9 holes only $125 + Course Fees

Long Distance LessonsVideo lessons $25 each

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