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Pleated filter element

There are two kinds of filter material . One is stainless steel sintered fiber web , Another is stainless steel weaving wire mesh.

Effective Filtration Area (per 10” length )
Pleated cartridge : 1.40ft2 (0.13㎡)
Cylindrical catraidge: 0.55ft2 (0.05㎡)

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Sintered mesh filter element

Sintered mesh filter Element are made with Five-Layer Sintered Wire Cloth, with filter rating ranging from 0.5 micron to 200 micron.

Effective Filtration Area (per 10”length )
Pleated cartridge : 1.40ft2 (0.13㎡)
Cylindrical catraidge: 0.55ft2 (0.05㎡)

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Filter Basket

Filter media for basket filters include stainless steel perforated sheet, stainless steel weaving wire mesh and stainless steel sintered wire cloth. As to external dimensions and filter rating, we may also provide products per customers requirements.

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Disc filter ,Filter cloth pack , Leaf filter pack

Filter medium for Disc Filters is multi-layer sintered wire cloth, with a rating range from 0.5 to 200micron, in a diameter from 200mm to 3000mm. Disc filters with multi-layer sintered wire cloth as filter medium, enjoy good strength, accurate filter rating, long life-span and repeatedly cleaning.

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Wedge wire filter element

Wedge wire screen filter elements are made of stainless steel wedge wire screen. Filter rating is from 30 to 80 microns. Wedge wire screen is welded onto rods with stainless steel wedge wire at every contact point. They are classified into filter sheet, filter basket and filter elements.

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Special filter element

Other types of metal filter elements: pleated wire mesh filter cartridge, cylindrical wire mesh filter cartridge, other customized wire mesh filter elements, wedge wire filter elements.

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Filter housing

Filter housing consists of vertical cylindrical body\sealing cap\flange\connection plat etc… inside may choose the different filtration rate of filter element. The connection method may be many kinds of shapes such as bayonet and thread connection.

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Type A sintered mesh

This is a standard combination of 5 layer sintered wire mesh that has the widest application. Five different layers of stainless steel wire mesh are combined, and then sintered together through being vacuum sintered, compressed, and calendared, forming a porous product. Specifications.

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Type B sintered mesh

This type of mesh is sintered together by many layers of plain-woven square mesh. Due to the large opening coefficient, the sintered mesh has good permeability, low resistance but high flow.

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Type C sintered mesh

It is sintered by stamping a plate and a multilayer stainless steel wire mesh. Due to the support of the punching plate, it has higher compressing and mechanical strength. It is mainly used in food, beverage, water treatment, dust removing, pharmaceutical, polymer, etc.

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Type D sintered mesh

Type D sintered wire mesh is overlapped and stacked up by 2 or 3 layers of plain Dutch woven wire mesh with an equal hole size, after being vacuum sintered, inflated and calendered. It has an average pore size and stable breathability.

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